More content coming soon

We are working on content for the site, which we hope to launch somewhere in the near future.

Additionally, we are working on a launch event - which is tentatively scheduled to take place somewhere after the summer. More details to follow!

Interesting links

To keep you busy, we've added a selection of links that may be interesting to you with regards to the Kotlin programming language.

- Kotlin language website
- Try Kotlin online
- Kotlin Twitter
- Daily Kotlin Twitter
- Andrey Breslav Twitter
- Kotlin Spring Boot Tutorial
- Spring 5 Kotlin support
- Jetbrains Kotlin Blog
- Kotlin Native

- Kotlin Conference

Proudly supported by Sourcelabs

Sourcelabs is supporting the dutch Kotlin user group. Please contact us if you have any cool ideas or questions that you want to share with us! Any input is very welcome.