Kotlin Dev Day Conference in Amsterdam

May 19, 2022

Kotlin Dev Day in the Johan Cruijff ArenA!

Kotlin Dev Day is a conference for developers who love coding in Kotlin or want to start using it and as such there will be sessions hosted for all skill levels. There will be 3 stages with interesting talks for both server-side and Android devs that use Kotlin.

Quick links:
Event website

Hadi Hariri – The Silver Bullet Syndrome Part 2 – Complexity Strikes Back!
James Ward – James’ Top 5 Kotlin Things to Get Excited About in 2022
Andrey Breslav – The Shoulders of Giants: Languages Learned From

Kotlin Talks:
Urs Peter – Idiomatic Kotlin: the key to unleash Kotlin’s full potential
Anton Arhipov – Building apps with Ktor
Marcin Moskala – Common Kotlin Coroutines use-cases and how to test them

& many more!

Expect presentations for all knowledge levels, and a lot of fun and social interaction when joining this event.

Organized by Xebia

Kotlin Dev Day is organized by Xebia to grow the Kotlin community in The Netherlands. There will also be great sponsors with stand at the venue to interact with.

A not-for-profit conference

Kotlin Dev Day will be a not-for-profit conference, which means that literally all profits will be donated/invested to causes related to software development or anything that the community suggests. During the conference people can vote for their favorite.

We’re still looking for suggestions. If you have an idea, feel free to send an e-mail to kotlindevday@xebia.com.