Kotlin Meetup Amsterdam November 2023 – Advent of Code, Kotlin Multiplatform & TDD!

November 30, 2023 Past

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Hello, Kotlin friends!

We’re getting to the end of the year and with that we’re excited to announce the last session of our Kotlin MeetUp in 2023 that will take place on the 30th of November!

Join us on an evening filled with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and insightful Kotlin discussions.

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Would you like to be a speaker? Get in contact with me: Raphael De Lio

📍 Location:
Wibautstraat 200 – 202, Amsterdam

🕒 Timeline:
17:50 – Doors open, food and drinks 🍕
18:30 – Opening 🎙️
18:40 – Get set for Advent of CodePim van Gurp Senior Kotlin Engineer 💻
19:20 – Small break and drinks 🍻
19.30 – Kotlin Multiplatform unleashed: use cases from our production that might surprise youAnastasiia Kapanina & Konstantin Tskhovrebov – Project Manager & Development Programmer @ JetBrains 💻
20:10 – TDD using KotlinAbdulcelil Cercenazi Software Developer @ TomTom 💻
20:50 – Chats & Drinks 👥

Get set for Advent of Code
Pim van Gurp Senior Kotlin Engineer

One of the advantages of this christmas puzzler is that we don’t have to ship the code to production. We’re free to roam around, apply our opinions and get creative with extension functions.

In this talk we’ll walk through creating a Day template. A way to structure all the 25 puzzles to a consistent format. While the code is very opinionated, it aims to inspire you to create your own template that perfectly fits your style.

For those new to the Advent of Code fun, it includes how to get started and a way to join as a community.

Kotlin Multiplatform unleashed: use cases from our production that might surprise you
Anastasiia Kapanina Project Manager @ JetBrains
Konstantin Tskhovrebov – Development Programmer @ JetBrains

Kotlin Multiplatform is often perceived as a technology for sharing code in Mobile applications. But it’s much more versatile than that. We’re going to show how we used Kotlin Multiplatform inside the Kotlin team itself for the tasks any developer might encounter: writing CLI tools, quick prototyping, and more.

TDD using Kotlin
Abdulcelil Cercenazi Software Developer @ TomTom

Test Driven Development is an Extreme Programming (XP) method that is used to let tests drive our software design. TDD is rapidly growing in popularity as it allows us to write clean, modular, and well-designed code. As a bonus, we also get a rich suite of tests covering our code. The talk will start by defining TDD, its benefits, and its theory. Then, we will implement a piece of code without TDD and spot the drawbacks it has. Then, we will implement the same functionality using TDD and highlight its power and effect.

Please, register yourself on our MeetUp page.