Kotlin Training Day in Amsterdam

June 30, 2022

Kotlin Training Day in Amsterdam!

We will welcome the community for a free day of Kotlin training. There will be two tracks, a beginner and an advanced training.

The best thing? It’s free for community members of the Dutch Kotlin User Group!

There is a limited capacity for both tracks.

Date & Location:
June 30, 09.00 – 17.00

Xebia Office @ Amsterdam
Wibautstraat 200 – 202

Kotlin Beginner Training

So you are a (Java) developer who wants to get acquainted with or is considering switching to Kotlin? Then this is the right training for you! During this full day training we will explain the most important Kotlin language features and you get to practice yourself with some hands-on exercises. At the end of the day you should have gained enough knowledge to be able to start working with Kotlin in your own projects.

A short summary of the topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to Kotlin
  • From Java 2 Kotlin
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Named and default arguments
  • Loops
  • Exceptions
  • Extension functions
  • Std lib extensions
  • Nullability and type system
  • Lambdas
  • Common operations on collections
  • Classes, constructors and inheritance
  • Enum and data classes

Make sure that you don’t forget to bring your laptop and verify you have the following software installed and working:

  • Java 11 (or newer)
  • Intellij IDEA

This training will be led by an experienced Java/Kotlin engineer, so don’t be afraid to ask tough questions!

Kotlin Advanced Training

Do you have some Kotlin experience and want to take your skills to the next level? …then our hands-on workshop will get you there in no time.

Our expert track will enlighten you with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use Kotlin features that can unleash tremendous power in your codebase.

The following is on the menu:

Type-Safe Builders and DSLs
You will learn how to write type-safe builders, which make the creation of internal DSL’s a snap.

Coroutines, Channels, and Flow
Get to know the mind-blowing approach Kotlin takes on the concurrency side by playing with Coroutines and more advanced Concurrency constructs like Channels and Flow. You will also learn how easy it is to integrate Coroutines in your existing reactive stack like CompletableFuture, WebFlux, etc.

Spring Boot with Coroutines, Channels, and Flow
Finally, you will rewrite a reactive Spring Boot web application created in Java and WebFlux to Coroutines and experience the ease and peace of mind this approach can offer you. You will also create a streaming API based on ServerSentEvents that brings together all the reactive building blocks you learned previously.

We will provide a web IDE that allows you to complete all the challenges of your preference. So all you need is a browser, and off you go.

CU in class for a tasty cup of Kotlin

The advanced track is being led by Urs Peter.